PRIZE GAME Super start at APIOS!

The most beautiful month of the year has begun. The month of giving and preparing for new beginnings and the year to come. In these challenging times, what we all need is extra good energy, a fresh start, serenity as a fuel with the best additives – strength, peace, love… Let good decisions begin with a super start at APIOS!

Participate in the prize game and win 1,000 kuna every week on the A-Card Loyalty card, and the main prize 25,000 kuna on the Premium Visa card.

The prize draw takes place at all APIOS service stations and runs from 1 December 2020 to 31 January 2021. All you need to do is fill up your tank with a minimum of 200 kuna of fuel or LPG and send an SMS with the following content: APIOS, account number, your name, surname and address to the number – 60221 (2.40 kn SMS) or fill in the form on the website number, name, surname and address and telephone number).

So fill up your tank at APIOS gas stations, send an SMS or fill out an online form and finish 2020 with a smile and have a fresh start of the new year. Because APIOS provides only good energy!

Bills paid with A-Card cards cannot participate in the prize game.

You can read the rules of the competition at the following link: