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Excellence in all areas of activity

Commercial business

We engage in the commercial business of high-quality oil derivatives and gases. We have our own fleet and thus fully control the distribution flow from the point of loading to the point of delivery to the customer.



Our fuel stations adhere to high standards, which is why our customers will be provided with a premium-quality service and A-Motion fuels complying with the latest engine manufacturers’ requirements and European legislation and setting new benchmarks in the oil derivatives market.



We use our own fleet to distribute and transport oil derivatives within our retail and commercial networks. We thus fully control the process of distributing oil derivatives from the point of loading to fuel stations and our customers’ warehouses.


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The new generation of A-Motion fuels meets the latest engine manufacturers’ requirements and the applicable requirements of the European legislation and exceeds all existing standards in the Croatian market. The most innovative additive packages in A-Motion fuels selected by our partner OMV clean any contamination in the fuel system, protect against corrosion and reduce foaming to allow for more effective and quicker fueling.

The quality of the A-Motion fuels is guaranteed by a comprehensive and extensive inspection system, both in the supply channel and in the distribution and sales channels.

The new generation of A-Motion fuels was developed by OMV expert team.

Who we are? What we do?

Our company was established in 2009. We brought together an enthusiastic team of professionals comprising about 50 people who, despite their youth, have extensive experience in the trade and distribution of oil derivatives in the Republic of Croatia, the region and beyond.

We engage in the commercial and retail of premium-quality oil derivatives and, as we use our own fleet, we also provide fuel distribution and transport services.