APIOS Racing Team at Extreme Enduro Lika – Land of the Wolf 7

This year’s 7th edition of Extreme Enduro Like Land of the Wolf has once again shown that it deserves to be on the map of world races in enduro motorcycle riding. And with the best comes our APIOS Racing Team. Excellent motorcyclist Tihomir Kotarski showed real competitive spirit in the Gold category.

‘This year the goal was to finish the toughest Extreme Enduro race in the region in the strongest Gold category. Due to the obligations at jet ski races and without training on a motorcycle, it was a big challenge. But when you take into account the 90 entries in the Gold category and the total number of 450 competitors, to be in the top 10%, 41st place is even more than expected. ‘

The fact that we have a world-class race in our area is supported by the fact that the Croatian enduro scene has grown to a respectable number of over 150 competitors who participated in this race.