APIOS gas stations first at bestseller book selection

In collaboration with the successful book blogger Alis Marić, APIOS petrol stations are starting the project ‘Read a book on APIOS’. As of this week, the new place for a good book has a personalised selection of bestsellers in cooperation with the page ‘Čitaj knjigu’, popular on social networks.

‘Read a book at APIOS’. It may sound strange, but it is true. Such a scenario is possible thanks to the cooperation of APIOS gas stations and successful blogger Alis Marić, the founder of the page ‘Čitaj knjigu’ (direct translation: ‘Read a book’), which has over 560 thousand members on Facebook and 111 thousand followers on Instagram.

APIOS as a trendsetter, not a follower, in this unique story recognised the opportunity to offer something new and valuable to the Croatian public. The project ‘Read a Book on APIOS’ started with the APIOS team that usually starts the day with motivational Facebook posts from the page ‘Čitaj knjigu’. Given that APIOS is a place of good energy thanks to A-Motion premium fuels and other services, the project ‘Read a book on APIOS’ represents added value to visitors, especially in the context of social distance and turbulent period.

From this week, on APIOS petrol stations you can find bestsellers and, with each fuel bill, you can buy books at great prices and get free Julius Meinl coffee. The only exception are gas stations without coffee bar that instead of coffee offer A-glass liquid. After refreshing your car with A-Motion fuels enriched with additives from OMV’s brand partners, ‘refuel’ with good titles with numerous benefits and discounts. Take time for yourself, find a quiet corner and get lost in interesting books. The first chapter starts with the first APIOS, the plot will leave to you.