The grand jet ski finale at Jarun lake

Last weekend, June 29th and 30th, Zagreb’s Jarun was in the sign of the finals of the European Jet Ski Championship. It gathered about sixty drivers from fifteen countries. In the fight for European titles in ten classes was also our member of the APIOS Racing Team Tihomir Kotarski who took sixth place in the overall standings in the Runaboat GP4 class. In that class, the best was Estonian Mattias Siimann, followed by Hungarian Major Marcell and Alejandro Artinano.

The three-day program was filled with attractive jet ski races and adrenaline rides that gathered many fans of sports, a positive atmosphere and pleasant company at Lake Jarun.

The importance and advantage of jet skiing has been recognized and supported by respectable partners. Under the patronage  of the President of the Republic of Croatia Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, the City of Zagreb, the Central State Office for Sports (SDUŠ), media sponsorship of the competition was provided by 24sata and the general sponsor HEP, which has been monitoring and supporting jet ski competitions for years.

Results by classes:

Ski division GP2: 1. Severi Salonen 75 (FIN), 2. Slaven Ivančić 64 (CRO), 3. Jasmin Ypraus 54 (EST), 4. Mattias Simman 51 (EST), 5. Ambrož Vahen 47 (SLO), 6 Dino Jakopanec 45 (CRO), 7. Andrea Guidi 40 (ITA), 8. Ivan Hudoletnjak 13 (CRO).

Final class ranking: 1. Slaven Ivančić 204 (CRO), 2. Andrea Guidi 171 (ITA), 3. Yasmiin Ypraus 150 (EST), 4. Severi Salonen 139 (FIN), 5. Matias Simman 113 (EST).

Ski junior GP 3.2: 1. Ander Hubert Lauri 70 (EST), 2. Manuel Leite 69 (POR), 3. Vito Obrovac 42 (CRO).

Final class ranking: 1. Ander Hubert Lauri 208 (EST), 2. Manuel Leite 200 (POR), 3. Vito Obrovac 107 (CRO).

Runaboat GP4: 1. Mattias Siimann 69 (EST), 2. Major Marcell 60 (HUN), 3. Alejandro Artinano 58 (ESP),… 8. Tihomir Kotarski 40 (CRO), 10. Simon Buntak 27 (CR0).

Final class ranking: 1. Mattias Siimann 186 (EST), 2. Alejandro Artinano 175 (ESP), 3. Alejandro Prats Palau 135 (ESP),… 6. Tihomir Kotarski 81 (CRO).