The Apios Racing Team continues its string of successes

Dario Šamec and Florian Šalec showed how much our APIOS Racing Team loves Sljeme at the traditional mountain car race Zagreb Open – 26th Stubičke Toplice Award.

Dario took 1st place in Group N and in Class N3 while Florian was 2nd in Class E1-16. Overall, Dario was 12th and Florian 31st out of 75 top riders in this international mountain race.

The best was Dejan Dimitrijević, followed by Mila Bubnič, and the third place went to Marija Jurišić.

This weekend, the Twins Fun Cup was held on Sljeme, in which Davor Sertić celebrated, Ivica Marić was second and Dragan Vodopija third.

Thumbs up for our Florian and Dario who once again showed how they are at home on hilly terrain. And so they don’t run out of energy, there are the highest quality A-Motion fuels. Full speed ahead!