New fuel labeling at gas stations in Croatia

According to the EU directive, circles, squares, rhombus, letters and numbers markers are compulsory labels on fuel dispensers and fuel nozzles so that consumers have more transparent information about appropriate fuel for their vehicles such as percentage of biocomponents like ethanol.

Since the middle of October, the European Union directive entered into force making fuel dispensers and fuel nozzles as well as new vehicles marked with  harmonised set of fuel labels on the share of biofuels. Clear and simple labels are also compulsory for newly produced vehicles and will be shown on the fuel-filler cap, owner’s manual and vehicle dealerships.

Do you know what these labels actually mean?

Each petrol has its own label such as E5, E10 or E85 placed inside a circle that tell consumers about the maximum percentage of ethanol, biocomponents present in the fuel: E5 to 5 percent, E10 to 10 percent … The same labels will apply to diesel-type fuels as well, marked with certain letters and numbers inside a square.

When it comes to gaseous-type fuels, their specific subtype will be marked with the labels within rhombus / diamond such as H2 for hydrogen, CHG for compressed natural gas, LNG for liquefied natural gas and LPG for liquefied petroleum gas.

Fuel labelling for road vehicles – information for operators

Fuel labelling for road vehicles – information for consumers