Florian Šalec and Dario Šamec at the 20th Rally Poreč 2019.

The APIOS Racing Team has embarked on new hilly challenges. Duo from Zagorje Florian Šalec and Dario Šamec competed in the race of 63 crews at the jubilee Poreč Rally where they won the 5th place in the overall standings of the Croatian Championship.

The winning champagne was drunk by Hungarians Antal Kovacs and Gergely Istovics, the second place went to the Italian couple De Cecco, driver Claudio, who performs with a Slovenian license, and their daughter Lisa, and the third place went to the experienced Slovenian ace Darko Peljhan.

The most successful Croatian crew of this year’s Rally Poreč was Niko Pulić and Davor Devunić from AK Dubrovnik racing, while lower position was taken by the tandem from Zagreb Juraj Šebalj and Ivan Pogačić.

In the competition of Croatian crews, Janos Szilagyi and Alexandra Varadi were third in the overall standings, members of AK Rijeka Tomas Hrvatin and Ivan Pavlović took fourth place in the PH while the home victory of the 5 PH class brought the Istrian crew Sandi Jugovac and Dorijano Milanović.

Apart from speeding, Rally Poreč did not disappoint this year with a meaningful three-day program in front of a large audience organized by the Autoclub ‘Poreč Motorsport’, AKORK ‘Skok racing 1993’ and under the patronage of the City of Poreč.