APIOS supported the club ‘Moto sport Grip’ at the Croatian Motorcycle Acceleration Championship

Where there are promising athletes, there are A-Motion fuels that were a great ally to motorcyclist Antun Mikić, a member of the ‘Moto sport Grip’ club at the Croatian 402-meter motorcycle acceleration championship. He competed in the ‘600 series’ class and won the first place in the overall standings of the Croatian Championship, thus becoming the national champion in that class.

The championship was ridden in four disciplines or classes: 600 and pro 600 series (motorcycles up to 650ccm3) and open and pro open series (engines of 1000 and more cubic meters).

As he says, the championship is quite demanding because it consists of 8 races: the first in Brod, then one in Osijek, two in Grobnik, two in Goričan and, for the end of the season, two races in Osijek:

‘This year I competed on the Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R 636 motorcycle in the‘ 600 series ’class and I achieved a total of 6 placements in the top 3, i.e. two first places and four second places. In the other two races, where I finished fourth and seventh, the technical problem of the motorcycle prevented me from getting a better result’ said Antun Mikić.

The club ‘Moto sport Grip’ thus finished in third place in the overall standings for the Croatian championship.

“Nevertheless, I am very satisfied with what has been achieved and I would like to thank my club‘ Moto sport Grip ’and president Danijel Kljajić for the support, because without them nothing would be possible,’ concluded Mikić.

For the next year, the second motorcycle is planned, as well as the transition to the ‘open series’ class and re-winning the title of Croatian champion in the second class. Given that the club has only existed for a year and a half, this is a great result and just a confirmation that Slavonski Brod is a city of motorcycles and bikers who live and breathe every day for what they love.