APIOS officially opened gas station in Čakovec and made a donation to the Association for Autism ‘Pogled’

After opening doors to all visitors and citizens of Čakovec, on Thursday, 17th of January, APIOS organized opening ceremony for partners, associates and other guests. Besides gathering team of people who supported its 17th gas station in Croatia, APIOS continued tradition of socially responsible projects by donating A-Card to the Association for Autism ‘Pogled’.

‘At APIOS in Čakovec, we decided to change the ‘rules of the game’. Firstly, we opened the gas station for our drivers and then for our distinguished guests. We just heard the positive comments ‘from the field’ and that makes us very happy. We owe this success to our clear vision and uncompromising desire to offer the best Croatian products and services on the market. And on this path we can always count on our brand partner OMV that enriches our offer of A-Motion diesel fuels with the latest generation of additives present on all APIOS’ gas stations. Čakovec is no exception and we thank its representatives for the support and cooperation as well as our young team of experts with broad experience in trade and distribution of gas products on the domestic market and beyond. Likewise, we’re continuing tradition of donations to the local community. This time we’re donating our A-Card with A-Motion fuel to the Association for Autism ‘Pogled’ to support their further work with the autistic children,’ said Joško Crvelin, Director of Strategy and Development of APIOS who cut the ribbon and opened the gas station with the business partner Maja Đurkin Međimurec.

On the 17th APIOS in the 15th city in Croatia, residents and visitors of Čakovec have the opportunity to fill their tanks with the highest quality A-Motion fuel designed by the advanced technology of the latest generation of additives selected especially by OMV, distribution and transport of oil derivatives within the retail and wholesale networks fully controlled from the point of loading to fuel stations and customers’ warehouses. With the highest quality fuel, there is also the accompanying service like on other APIOS petrol stations  – fresh drinks and snacks in A-Cafe, diverse selection at A-Shop, A-Wash for cars and A-Card benefits for legal and private entities, smaller companies, family farms and trades.

‘Experience first hand what we’re all about and visit our new APIOS in Čakovec. It will become your new, favourite location of your vehicle – and yours as well. We promise!’ concluded Joško Crvelin.