APIOS gave the wind to the project ‘Clean sea – Pure heart’

Over 7 seas and 10,000 nautical miles, Dr. Dražen Grgić, a doctor and a sailor from Šibenik, began his journey from Šibenik to Brazil as part of the project ‘Clean Sea – Pure Heart’ to draw public attention on the burning problem of plastic pollution.

“Precisely because of this noble goal, APIOS wholeheartedly supported Dražen and decided to put extra wind to his sails from Kornati to the Brazilian island of Fernando de Noronha. May his seas be calm and sails full through the whole 80 days needed for the whole route, said Director of Strategy and Development of APIOS, Joško Crvelin.

Ten-meter sailboat ‘St. Mihovil’, is loaded with 300 litres of water, 100 kilograms of food, fruit and vegetables, which should be sufficient until the end of the year when our sailor’s return is expected.

“I am particularly proud of determination and courage of my fellow citizen who demonstrates how ‘little ones’ can become ‘great’ and how personal passion can grow into a powerful initiative that will certainly encourage many to think about the benefit of their environment.’ Joško Crvelin.

You can track the boat through the following link: tinyurl.com/JedrilicaSvMihovil