APIOS celebrated its 10th birthday 

The 10th anniversary of the business underlines APIOS strategy in the long run. And the road was more than dynamic, from a garage to 22 gas stations, over 900 million kunas in annual revenue, 45 employees in the management of APIOS, about 250 people along with order recipients and employees.

‘Looking back, the most significant were the positive twists in APIOS development generated by new teams and hiring new colleagues to make up our APIOS team, the team that brought APIOS to where it is today. That is why I would like to express my great, personal gratitude to all my colleagues who made it possible for us today to be proud of everything we have achieved, ‘said Vedran Jakšić, CEO of APIOS.

‘I have an anecdote about my start in APIOS. Vedran had the idea to ask OMV for a co-branding of the gas station. As I had previously led the Brand partners project at OMV. I was sure this was not possible, we even had a bet. Fortunately, I lost it because OMV recognized us as a reliable partner with great growth potential’, recalled the director of strategy and development of APIOS, Joško Crvelin.

APIOS started its run in 2009 and records the continuous growth of gas stations as well as the development of top services and products in the gas market. Thus, at APIOS, visitors can refuel premium A-motion fuels that are enriched with the latest generation of additives from OMV brand partners such as A-MOTION EUROSUPER 95 BS, A-MOTION EUROSUPER 100 BS, A-MOTION EURODIESEL BS, AUTOPLIN and AD BLUE and enjoy the excellent offer of A-CAFFE, A-SHOP and A-WASH.

APIOS has so far developed 5 additional ways to purchase products with cards: A-CARD credit and debit cards and BONUS cards for legal entities, and LOYALTY and GIFT cards for individuals that offer various benefits to regular customers.

In addition to a comprehensive offer, APIOS is also recognizable by its visual identity, i.e. the logo of the triangle, which symbolizes its personality through colors that suggest purity, dynamics and energy. It also systematically conducts socially responsible business by donating to various associations and organizations and supporting promising athletes such as the APIOS Racing Team.