APIOS awarded with the international certificate and the medal ‘Customers’ Friend – Top Excellence ’

APIOS d.o.o. is richer for the prestigious certificate and medal  ‘Customers’ Friend’ by the international organization ICERTIAS – International Certification Association based in Zurich, Switzerland.

‘When we recall our journey from the garage to the 22 gas stations, it was a dynamic but safe route that confirms how we have the right team behind the wheel and how we aim for the long run. That is why we are extremely pleased to be awarded with the ‘Customers’ Friend’, which will further motivate us and encourage us to continue driving towards an increasing number of satisfied visitors, ‘said the Director of Strategy and Development of APIOS, Joško Crvelin.

The Customers’ Friend certificate is a prestigious international recognition awarded exclusively to companies and organizations willing to commit to an exemplary relationship with their customers. In order to qualify for the ‘Customers’ Friend Gold Medal ’, organizations nominated under this program undergo a rigorous analysis process that includes a series of checks conducted by ICERTIAS.

As part of the analysis for Customers’ Friend certification, APIOS went through a detailed research and verification process by the international organization ICERTIAS, which is based on four main analytical ‘pillars’: 1. Reputation, 2. Communication and social networks 3. User experience and 4. Trust.

Each of these analyzed ‘pillars’ is divided into additional subgroups that are evaluated individually.

In order to be awarded the ‘Customers’ Friend’ certificate and a gold medal, APIOS was rated in a total of 21 categories during the analysis process, and each category was ranked from 1 to 5. Thanks to high marks, APIOS gained the right to ‘Customers’ status. ‘Friend -‘ Excellence ‘.

By signing the official Customers’ Friend Declaration, which obliges companies to maintain excellent relationships with their customers, partners and employees – APIOS has fulfilled all the conditions as the holder of the prestigious international status and recognition‘ Customers’ Friend – Top Excellence’.