APIOS on ‘Big Plans Day 2020.’

One of the most important business gatherings in the region, ‘Big Plans Say 2020’, organized by the business weekly Lider, this year also premieres APIOS. In the company of leaders from the public and private sector, APIOS as one of the leading sponsors of the event will attend presentations and round tables on global and regional trends in the business community on Wednesday, 23rd of September at the Zagreb Fair.

We believe this year is an opportunity to strengthen business processes in order to be ready to respond to new market trends. There is no place for solo players in this period, so we support the ‘Big Plans Day’ conference in order to gather optimal projections, exchange ideas and continue successful business.

The ‘Big Plans Day 2020’ conference is being held for the 12th year in a row and brings together around 450 participants from the public and private sector. This year’s speakers are the President of Croatia Zoran Milanović, the Governor of the Croatian National Bank Boris Vujčić, the founder and President of the Management Board of GENOS Prof. Gordan Lauc, the President of the Management Board of Zagrebačka banka Romeo Collina, the Chief Economist of the European Investment Bank Debora Revoltella and other national and global leaders.




Tihomir Kotarski celebrated on Alpe Adria jet ski tour

After last year’s excellent performance at the European Championships at the RSC Jarun, APIOS Racing Team member Tihomir Kotarski prepared another adrenaline spectacle. This time it’s about Alpe Adria jet ski tour that took place from 26 to 28 June at the attractive Jarun lake in Zagreb, where our jet ski ace reached two overall second places in GP3 and GP4 class.

Tight competition of ‘motorcycles on water’ gathered 140 competitors from 25 European countries, including neighboring countries and a large number of participants from Scandinavia. The main race was followed by a freestyle show providing spectators water stunts by the best European jet ski riders.

For good energy at home

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APIOS awarded with the international certificate and the medal ‘Customers’ Friend – Top Excellence ’

APIOS d.o.o. is richer for the prestigious certificate and medal  ‘Customers’ Friend’ by the international organization ICERTIAS – International Certification Association based in Zurich, Switzerland.

‘When we recall our journey from the garage to the 22 gas stations, it was a dynamic but safe route that confirms how we have the right team behind the wheel and how we aim for the long run. That is why we are extremely pleased to be awarded with the ‘Customers’ Friend’, which will further motivate us and encourage us to continue driving towards an increasing number of satisfied visitors, ‘said the Director of Strategy and Development of APIOS, Joško Crvelin.

The Customers’ Friend certificate is a prestigious international recognition awarded exclusively to companies and organizations willing to commit to an exemplary relationship with their customers. In order to qualify for the ‘Customers’ Friend Gold Medal ’, organizations nominated under this program undergo a rigorous analysis process that includes a series of checks conducted by ICERTIAS.

As part of the analysis for Customers’ Friend certification, APIOS went through a detailed research and verification process by the international organization ICERTIAS, which is based on four main analytical ‘pillars’: 1. Reputation, 2. Communication and social networks 3. User experience and 4. Trust.

Each of these analyzed ‘pillars’ is divided into additional subgroups that are evaluated individually.

In order to be awarded the ‘Customers’ Friend’ certificate and a gold medal, APIOS was rated in a total of 21 categories during the analysis process, and each category was ranked from 1 to 5. Thanks to high marks, APIOS gained the right to ‘Customers’ status. ‘Friend -‘ Excellence ‘.

By signing the official Customers’ Friend Declaration, which obliges companies to maintain excellent relationships with their customers, partners and employees – APIOS has fulfilled all the conditions as the holder of the prestigious international status and recognition‘ Customers’ Friend – Top Excellence’.

APIOS and RK Arena Pula won the game against the team from the Premier League RK Zamet

In an uncertain duel, our RK Arena Pula showed what the real energy means. They celebrated against the team from the Premier League RK Zamet, showing solid defense and great skills of the players.

‘The match started with the lead of the experienced RK Zamet, but driven by the cheering of the audience, we took the lead and did not give Zamet a chance to recover and to take away the sweetness of victory. Well deserved pass in the Cup thanks to surprise victory over the team from the Premier League with the final result 23:21′ said from the RK Arena Pula.

Tihomir Kotarski cross-country champion in PRO class

That APIOS Racing Team is at home on the cross-country terrain proved Tihomir Kotarski, who finished in the second place in the dynamic final race Ribnik in the PRO class. That was enough for him to become the champion of the Croatian cross-country championship in the overall ranking for the 2019 season.

‘I didn’t dedicate myself to motorcycle competition this season due to obligations towards the jet ski championship, but being stable in all four races without giving up and without any injuries was enough to win the championship which, along with jet ski champion Alpe Adria, gives me even more motivation to continue racing in the 2020 season, ‘said our motorcycle ace.

The last race of this season, scored for the Croatian cross-country championship, took place last weekend in Ribnik, 4th in a row after Buzet, Rakov Potok and Jastrebarsko. The winner of the final race Ribnik in the PRO class was Branimir Ferenčić, in second place Tihomir Kotarski, and in third place Dejan Premužić.

APIOS and SpiderMartin co-drivers on the road to success

The best Croatian motorcyclist, the one and only Croatian at the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, the Eastern European champion in class 125, the two-time Croatian champion in class 600, the two-time Alpe Adria champion in class 125… These are just some of the titles of the motorcyclist Martin Vugrinac, who reached the throne in just 20 years. On its swift path to success, APIOS has joined in, supporting it with A-Motion fuels enriched with the latest generation of additives from our OMV brand partner.

‘We are extremely pleased to have established a sponsored collaboration with our SpiderMartin from Novi Marof. In addition to the noisy cheering, Martin will now be able to count on even louder competition on the track with the great A-Motion fuel. We believe that this is just the beginning of our motorcycle adventure that will raise a lot of dust, said the Director of Strategy and Development, Joško Crvelin.

Confident in himself and his desires, Vugrinec decisively pointed out:

‘After great preparations in Spain and a good start of the season at the German International Championship, I am happy to continue a successful series with APIOS. As it is not easy to reach a sponsor and the sport itself requires a lot of resources, the support of the APIOS team means a lot to me. I look forward to our joint ‘rides’ which I am confident I will be winning.’

Catch a dragon and friends on APIOS

Did you parents hear? Believe me, it’s not a lie. Dragon and friends are waiting for you to stop by. Until December 31st each APIOS is paradise, as Leo Alex, Kung Fu Panda, Shrek and Dragon are preparing you something nice. Gifts of animated heroes are constantly arriving, and the promotions on every APIOS are striving. With discounts, our story is flawless indeed, and all children’s wishes are guaranteed.

So take a break at APIOS, pour over 250 kunas and get a 50% discount on products from popular animated films such as plush toys, mugs and 100% cotton bedding.

‘As APIOS gas stations mark 10 years of business, we have decided to celebrate them with special projects to reward our customers. One of them is ‘Catch a Dragon and Friends at APIOS’ aimed at our little visitors and parents who can take a nice memory at half price and continue their trip in a cheerful atmosphere’, said APIOS Director of Strategy and Development Joško Crvelin.

Florian Šalec and Dario Šamec at the 20th Rally Poreč 2019.

The APIOS Racing Team has embarked on new hilly challenges. Duo from Zagorje Florian Šalec and Dario Šamec competed in the race of 63 crews at the jubilee Poreč Rally where they won the 5th place in the overall standings of the Croatian Championship.

The winning champagne was drunk by Hungarians Antal Kovacs and Gergely Istovics, the second place went to the Italian couple De Cecco, driver Claudio, who performs with a Slovenian license, and their daughter Lisa, and the third place went to the experienced Slovenian ace Darko Peljhan.

The most successful Croatian crew of this year’s Rally Poreč was Niko Pulić and Davor Devunić from AK Dubrovnik racing, while lower position was taken by the tandem from Zagreb Juraj Šebalj and Ivan Pogačić.

In the competition of Croatian crews, Janos Szilagyi and Alexandra Varadi were third in the overall standings, members of AK Rijeka Tomas Hrvatin and Ivan Pavlović took fourth place in the PH while the home victory of the 5 PH class brought the Istrian crew Sandi Jugovac and Dorijano Milanović.

Apart from speeding, Rally Poreč did not disappoint this year with a meaningful three-day program in front of a large audience organized by the Autoclub ‘Poreč Motorsport’, AKORK ‘Skok racing 1993’ and under the patronage of the City of Poreč.

Tihomir Kotarski winner of the Alpe Adria Jet Ski Tour in Vir

The APIOS Racing Team continues a successful run in racing competitions. This time it is the grand finale of the Alpe Adria Jet Ski Tour where Tihomir Kotarski took gold in the first race of the Runabout GP3 ​​class and took 1st place in the overall standings, behind the German Philip Salobir and Pole Patryk Kolenda.

“I practically joined the Alpe Adria Tour last year, but I have already fulfilled my wish. I wanted to win the race in Vir and celebrate the class title on the island. Now I have succeeded in that”, said the member of the APIOS Racing Team, Tihomir Kotarski, who is also one of the two most famous Vir weekenders who performed on the Alpe Adria Tour.

After races in Fažana, Koprivnica, Pöchlarn, Austria and Jedovnice, Czech Republic, the dynamic finals on the island of Vir brought together the best European jet ski pilots for the fifth year in a row, who once again staged a high-octane sea spectacle.

At the finals of the Alpe Adria Jet Ski Tour in 2019 on the island of Vir, 77 jet pilots drove in various classes, and some in several classes, so 96 is the final number of jet pilots in races. Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Poland and Estonia had representatives at this year’s Alpe Adria Tour finals in Vir. Final placement by classes:

RUNABOUT GP3: 1. Tihomir Kotarski (CRO), 2. Lukas Drazil (CZE), 3. Stefan Saläth (SVK). RUNABOUT GP4: 1. Philip Salobir (GER), 2. Patryk Kolenda (POL), 3. Tihomir Kotarski (CRO), 7. Simon Buntak (CRO), 11. Neven Roksa (CRO). SKI GP1: 1. Lukas Binar (CZE), 2. Barnabas Szabo (HUN), 3. Attila Deri (HUN), 5. Slaven Ivančić (CRO), 15. Ivan Hudoletnjak (CRO), 18. Dino Jakopanec (CRO) . SKI GP2: 1. Ambrož Vahen (SLO), 2. Dino Jakopanec (CRO), 3. Robin Ortner (AUT), 4. Slaven Ivančić (CRO), 6. Ivan Hudoletnjak (CRO), 11. Krešimir Ložnjak (CRO) , 20. Elvis Mihaljevic (CRO). SKI NEWS STOCK: 1. Danej Doberšek (SLO), 2. Kristian Kuchta (SVK), 3. Denis Kollath (SVK), 4. Vito Obrovac (CRO), 5. Filip Pentek (CRO), 6. Goran Kuzmić ), 13. Nikola Lukatin (CRO), 14. Ivan Marhinaga (CRO), 15. Denis Celjak (CRO). SKI JUNIORS GP 3.2 LITES: 1. Scongor Jaszai (HUN), 2. Zoltan Puskas (HUN), 3. Vito Obrovac (CRO), 5. Dorijan Jakopanec (CRO), 7. Toni Obrovac (CRO). SKI GP3: 1. Markus Erlach (AUT), 2. Christina Mahringer (AUT), 3. Jozef Bohuslav (SVK), 11. Elvis Mihaljević (CRO), 12. Mislav Celjak (CRO). SKI LADIES GP1: 1. Christina Mahringer (AUT), 2. Nikola Dryjakova (CZE), 3. Jasmina Kelava (CRO). SKI VETERANS GP1: 1. Attila Deri (HUN), 2. Attila Szep (SVK), 3. Josef Bohuslav (SVK), 12. Elvis Mihaljević (CRO). RUNABOUT GP1: 1. Mattia Fracasso (ITA), 2. Enrico Pollice (GER), 3. Daniel Lasselberger (AUT). RUNABOUT GP2: 1. Daniel Lasselberger (AUT), 2. Mattia Tiozzo Pagio (ITA), 3. Arkadiusz Bartyzel (POL). FREESTYLE: 1. Alberto Camerlengo (ITA), 2. Maximilian Martha (AUT), 3. Josef Pochendorfer (AUT).