In APIOS boot – marine party in Krilo Jesenice

St. Nicholas day comes every year. Excitement is in the air, children are cleaning their boots and waiting by the window for the presents of St. Nicholas. APIOS is equally looking forward to it every year. Firstly, we are always good, and secondly, we attend entertaining traditional marine party in Krilo Jesenice.

That’s exactly how it was last night on the gathering of the Adriatic fleet that prepared a ‘full boot’ of various local specialties, refreshing drinks, good music and fun. And we supported them with our sponsorship and high quality fuel that gives ‘wind to the sales’ of 160 mini cruisers and 70 sailors.

We wish you smooth sailing and even more successful next season.

APIOS in fuel-efficient EcoChallenge 2018

We all know that saving is desirable. However, being aware of it doesn’t make it easier to dismiss the things that make us happy. Desired shoes, electronic device, interior decoration, pet … We believe the list is endless. The road is not exception. Which car to buy? Where to travel? How to save on gas? Answers to these questions have a traditional EcoChallenge driving event organized by Opel in cooperation with the Auto klub magazine, Ekomobilis, and this year’s new member of the crew – APIOS.

“We are aware of the importance of saving in every segment of our lives. And that includes time behind the wheel. EcoChallenge not only provides the participants with a nice memory of driving Opel Astra 1.6 CDTi on picturesque roads of Istria, but also valuable information on reduction of fuel costs and increasing efficiency. We’re on the same road as EcoChallenge team in offering the best service to our customers. That’s why we supported this valuable project with A-Motion fuels enriched with the latest generation of additives, developed by OMV brand partner. The result is eliminated pollution from the power supply system, higher protection against corrosion and reduced foam that enables much faster and efficient refuelling. All with the goal to make EcoChallenge drivers up to the task, “said Joško Crvelin, Director of Strategy and Development at APIOS.

This year, traditional EcoChallenge has presented a new format of two-day driving school that gathered 16 readers of the Auto klub magazine who gave the most interesting answers to the question why they should be chosen for the EcoChallenge 2018.

The caravan of Opel Astra 1.6 CDTi began its journey in Zagreb and continued to Istria where participants had the chance to apply eco-driving tricks previously acquired by Ekomobilis’ instructors.

The two-day adventure ended in a relaxed atmosphere, well known in Istria, in the beautiful ambience of the Franco Cattunar’s winery and the Klaudio Ipša’s oilery where drivers recharged their batteries and became even more motivated to return to the Croatian Tuscany. Of course, in the new Opel Astra and with a full tank of A-Motion fuel.

New fuel labeling at gas stations in Croatia

According to the EU directive, circles, squares, rhombus, letters and numbers markers are compulsory labels on fuel dispensers and fuel nozzles so that consumers have more transparent information about appropriate fuel for their vehicles such as percentage of biocomponents like ethanol.

Since the middle of October, the European Union directive entered into force making fuel dispensers and fuel nozzles as well as new vehicles marked with  harmonised set of fuel labels on the share of biofuels. Clear and simple labels are also compulsory for newly produced vehicles and will be shown on the fuel-filler cap, owner’s manual and vehicle dealerships.

Do you know what these labels actually mean?

Each petrol has its own label such as E5, E10 or E85 placed inside a circle that tell consumers about the maximum percentage of ethanol, biocomponents present in the fuel: E5 to 5 percent, E10 to 10 percent … The same labels will apply to diesel-type fuels as well, marked with certain letters and numbers inside a square.

When it comes to gaseous-type fuels, their specific subtype will be marked with the labels within rhombus / diamond such as H2 for hydrogen, CHG for compressed natural gas, LNG for liquefied natural gas and LPG for liquefied petroleum gas.

Fuel labelling for road vehicles – information for operators

Fuel labelling for road vehicles – information for consumers

Add an extra colour to APIOS

They say the life is like a colouring book. The only question is how to paint it. That’s why APIOS surrounded itself with cheerful colours and colouring books to make everyone’s day and provide quality content to the little ones.

‘A break with a favourite drink and a snack only goes with relaxed and bright atmosphere. That’s why we decided to make a win-win situation for children and the grown ups. Kids can enjoy in the colouring of black and white APIOS illustrations and at the same time develop attention and motor skills while parents can easily charge their batteries for the rest of the trip’ said Director of Strategy and Development of APIOS, Joško Crvelin.

For this reason, put APIOS on your priority list and have a colourful timeout with your family. Everything else are just shades.

APIOS among the best at the Zadar Basketball Tournament

The city of the most beautiful sunset in the world, with the fifth edition of the Zadar Basketball Tournament, justified again his another title – the city of basketball. For many, the strongest prep tournament in Europe brought together crème de la crème of the European basketball teams such as CSKA Moscow, Fenerbahce, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Bayern, Olimpia Milano and Chinese Liaoning Flying Leopards. That powerful crowd attracted many to the Zadar Basketball Tournament along with APIOS and many other respectable sponsors and partners.

‘As a sponsor of this significant basketball event, we are proud of being part of the real spectacle in the ‘Krešimir Ćosić’ Hall within ‘Višnjik’ Sports center. APIOS and the Zadar Basketball Tournament have one significant thing in common, a remarkable progress year after year. We have recognized this momentum and decided to distribute a positive message ‘What Moves You’ on the court as well as encourage fans to ‘Jump Out Of The Box’ off the court within the Facebook contest where they expressed their love for sports and basketball in a unique way. And I think that went pretty great’ said Director of Strategy and Development of APIOS, Joško Crvelin.

This year’s Zadar Basketball Tournament was lucky for the Turkish club Fenerbahce who reached its fourth trophy in its fifth finals. The Russian CSKA had to settle again with the second place while the third place took debutants from the Italian Olimpia Milano.

If you were not among the lucky ones next to the court, click on a video clip that will give you the gist of the whole atmosphere and make your countdown much easier until the next year’s tournament whose date is about to be released.

APIOS gave the wind to the project ‘Clean sea – Pure heart’

Over 7 seas and 10,000 nautical miles, Dr. Dražen Grgić, a doctor and a sailor from Šibenik, began his journey from Šibenik to Brazil as part of the project ‘Clean Sea – Pure Heart’ to draw public attention on the burning problem of plastic pollution.

“Precisely because of this noble goal, APIOS wholeheartedly supported Dražen and decided to put extra wind to his sails from Kornati to the Brazilian island of Fernando de Noronha. May his seas be calm and sails full through the whole 80 days needed for the whole route, said Director of Strategy and Development of APIOS, Joško Crvelin.

Ten-meter sailboat ‘St. Mihovil’, is loaded with 300 litres of water, 100 kilograms of food, fruit and vegetables, which should be sufficient until the end of the year when our sailor’s return is expected.

“I am particularly proud of determination and courage of my fellow citizen who demonstrates how ‘little ones’ can become ‘great’ and how personal passion can grow into a powerful initiative that will certainly encourage many to think about the benefit of their environment.’ Joško Crvelin.

You can track the boat through the following link:

Bright winter with A’GLASS windshield washer fluid

Low temperatures, slush, freezing rain and snow are expected ‘road participants’ in winter days. Be ready for it with APIOS A’GLASS windshield washer fluid that guarantess crystal clear view and a safe ride through the coldest season.

Innovative active ingredients of the A’GLASS fluid are ready to meet all winter hazards from the foggy and frosted windshield to freezing windscreen-washer system. So fill in the tank on time with the A’GLASS and enjoy in bright winter with the irresistible scent of lemon that enriches every APIOS windshield washer fluid.

APIOS is at the very top of successful companies in Croatia


The leading European business information provider Bisnode awarded APIOS with a Certificate of Credit Rating Excellence placing it at the very top of the Croatian and European business excellence

According to the business results in 2017, APIOS became the owner of the Certificate of Credit Rating Excellence, internationally recognized, standardized business rating excellence based on the analytical calculation method unique to all European markets conducted by the leading European business information provider Bisnode. That placed APIOS among 5% of the the most successful Croatian companies and equally matching those in the European Union.

“All of us in the APIOS team appreciate being part of the most successful companies in Croatia which motivate us to ‘drive’ in the same direction. After opening 16 modern equipped petrol stations in 14 cities, introducing innovations in our diverse range from premium A-motion fuels enhanced with the latest OMV package of additives to A-Caffe, A-Wash and A-Card benefits and other services, we continue to raise the scale with further openings in Kaštel Štafilić and other locations that additional justifies internationally recognized Certificate of Credit Rating Excellence, “said Director of Strategy and Development at APIOS, Joško Crvelin.

The Certificate is based on the analysis of the financial reports for the past year and the performance prospects for the next 12 months. In order to gain certificate, the companies had to meet 12 criteria in the last year, including revenue growth, earnings, average net earnings, sales quality index, export ability, degree of indebtedness, payment dates and debt collection.

“This achievement wouldn’t be possible without our employees with the highest level of knowledge and experience who daily contribute to the excellence of APIOS that became a distinctive brand on the extremely competitive market,” Joško Crvelin concluded.

Bisnode Croatia is part of the international Bisnode AB group, the largest European business and credit information provider based in Stockholm. Bisnode AB is present in the European market since 1989 and has more than 3100 experts from 19 European countries.

APIOS celebrates sweet 16 with the new opening of petrol station in Umag

They say the first ones are always the most memorable. Exactly that feeling will experience the visitors of Istria who will, along with natural beauties, superb gastronomy and a diverse offer, enjoy the first APIOS in Umag which is also the only petrol station of that kind in Istria and the 16th in Croatia.

“With the APIOS opening in Umag, we count 16 modern petrol stations spread across all strategic directions in 14 cities. But it’s not all about the numbers. Umag and Istria mean more than the growth of APIOS petrol station network. We believe that Istrians and its visitors deserve the ideal entrance to one of the leading tourist destinations with top quality A-motion fuel, enhanced with the latest OMV package od additives as well as diverse selection of drinks and fresh bakery products in our A-caffe. Also, being a valuable member of the local community, we decided to donate A-CARD credit card with our fuel to the Home for elderly and disabled Atilio Gamboc,” said director of strategy and development of APIOS, Joško Crvelin.

Like other APIOS petrol stations, the newly opened one in Umag also stands out with the unique visual identity, interior design and a professional team to make everyone’s journey as pleasant as possible.

“See for yourself our unique offer and enjoy the special benefits. We look forward to your visit! ” concluded Joško Crvelin.

You can find the exact locations of our petrol stations here.

Free oil delivery on APIOS petrol stations in Zadar and Dugopolje

In the area of two APIOS gas stations, in Zadar and in Dugopolje, APIOS enabled free distribution and delivery of the heating oil that diversified the offer of the mentioned gas stations.

The minimum order quantity is 500 liters and all deliveries are realized as soon as possible in agreement with the client, no later than 48 hours.

Along with the commercial business and retail, the delivery of oil derivatives is one of the imperatives of APIOS’ business. By applying these latest technology solutions, APIOS continues to pursue a mission that meets the demands of our esteemed customers.